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LinkedIn Best Practices

Our clients often come to us for one-on-one Social Media training, and one of the most popular topics is LinkedIn.  It is as famous as Facebook but as mysterious (to many) as Reddit; what I often hear is that “everyone is on it!” and “people tell me it works” — but it’s not always clear WHY people are on it, or HOW it is “working.”

Below, please find SPR’s guide to LinkedIn Best Practices, as inspired by our most recent training sessions.  I hope this helps you brave this professional networking site with confidence — or at least a little less intimidation.

Define Your Goals

What are you hoping to accomplish by being a member of LinkedIn? Are you looking to connect with other professionals in your industry? Hoping to attract new clients? Or looking for a new job or career change?

Identify your endgame before you dive into your profile.

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21 Keys To A Successful Business

When Hildy Gottlieb, author of “The Pollyanna Principles,” spoke to a group of entrepreneurs and nonprofit leaders in Los Angeles a few years ago, she asked us to walk to the balcony of the meeting room and look out at the horizon.  With the sun setting over the Hollywood hills, it was easy to use the analogy of the skyline representing the mission and goals of each individual organization.

She then told the group that their shoes represented the day-to-day activities required to keep their companies going. She then pointed out that when you look at the things right under your nose, you lose sight of the big picture…that when you are focused on your shoes, you lose sight of the skyline.

For many companies, it feels like there is only time  and focus  on the  “the shoes.

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Cause Marketing: It’s Not About Your Company

The Starfish PR team at Power Women, Power Tools hosted by Habitat LA

We have been working with nonprofits in Los Angeles for over a decade — so we’ve definitely learned how best to tie your business in to a charitable organization. For one thing, it’s not about YOU: it’s about those who benefit from your gifts.

Having been on both sides of cause marketing, we understand what the real story is. We’ve been pitching media, creating content and telling these stories through blogs and other mediums with great success for many years.

Here are some tips if you’re planning to partner with a charitable organization:

Ask your staff which causes are important to them. By polling your staff, you will gain great insight into what matters to them, possibly discovering some real philanthropists in your organization. You will want employee buy-in, so their input is vital.

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Social Media Tips

Here are some of the tips and tricks we complied for our clients this month.  Enjoy!

In It to Pin It

Pinterest can be a great source of ideas — not just for home decor and fashion, but for your business too!  See what other people in your industry are talking about, liking, and sharing, and join the conversation by doing the same.  Your never know what might inspire that next great idea for an upcoming presentation, meeting, or event.

The 80/10/10 Plan

Social media is just that — social!  People spend time on various platforms not only to share their news and content, but to see what other people are sharing.  It’s ok to use your Social profile to promote other people’s ideas — in fact, it’s ok to do that 80% of the time!  10% of your social media content should be original, and highlight your position or unique insight.  The remaining 10% of your content should be promotional or a call to action.

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A Little Gratitude for the Day Ahead

Today is Thursday.  #TBT to those of us with any connection to a screen. I am sitting on the patio, enjoying my coffee and reading insightful posts being shared on my #PR Twitter feed.

I began thinking about how much PR has changed.  When I first started my career I was on the media side and would field calls from publicists asking if their piece had or would run in our magazine. It was annoying and I swore I’d never want their job.  Fast forward 20+ years and I absolutely LOVE my PR job.  It has changed so much thanks to technology and the internet of course.  We truly do get to tell stories.  And better still, we get to tell those stories to EVERYONE.  We can help our clients reach their target audience directly AND we get to work with media to provide them with interesting stories that they can tell.

I am inspired every day by my clients, my team and my colleagues who share their knowledge on social media.  I wish everyone an inspired day today.

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Social Media Tips

At Starfish PR, we often help our clients with their social media campaigns.  Here are a few suggestions to help your social media messages get farther, faster.
User Generated Content.  What “real people” have to say about your organization can be just as powerful as outbound messaging.  Encourage people to share their stories, and then create posts around similarly themed responses.

Photo Collages.  Tagging people in photos is a great way to generate views and get conversations started; so getting multiple pics in one post is even better! Mobile apps like PicStitch and PicFrame and desktop sites like are a great way to beautifully combine photos into a social media friendly format.

Share Visual Content. 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual! Include info graphics, notated photos, or other visual treats with your posts whenever possible.

Become an Advocate.

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Celebrate your Social Media Independence!

It has become easier and easier to stay in touch with clients, colleagues and customers. Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, Google+ shares, and numerous other channels enable us to share our thoughts as fast as we can think them. We are constantly staring at a screen, fingers flying in a mad dash to update the world.

The most effective social media messages, though, do more than just remind your readers you exist: they engage the audience. It’s not enough to just have views, you want people to think about, comment on, and share your content.

Photo Courtesy of Olympus Board Shop

One way to generate interesting content is to do interesting things. As our country celebrates its independence, I encourage you to free yourself from your computer, tablet, and phone and go out and DO something! Find something that inspires you, interests you, or try something new – whether personally or professionally.

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Social Media Tips


We are always coming up with social media tips and tricks for our clients, so we wanted to share some here on our blog. These are just a few suggestions to help build your following and engage your audience.

Initiate connections. Add your social media handles to your email signature and business cards. By making it present in your communications, you will give others the opportunity to connect with you and network further.

Tap into Trending Topics. Check out what’s trending on Twitter throughout the day because there just may be an opportunity for you to join the conversation and bring awareness to the organization.

Update your Profile Often. Don’t shy away from updating your social media profiles. Add personality with topical thoughts, motivational quotes or give a shout out to your favorite sports team. People want to connect with people, so be sure your personality is as apparent as your professional resume.

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Social Media: Share the Love!

How Actress Lisa LoCicero and #PWPT Helped a Dog Find a Home

This past Saturday, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) celebrated its 10th Annual “Power Women, Power Tools” (PWPT) event in Lynwood, California.

The all-day build event was attended by hundreds, from celebrities like Tom Shadyac, Tina Knowles, and Kelly Rowland, to long time HFH GLA staff members and supporters, to local residents who were excited to lend a hand to help improve their neighborhood.

But there was one unexpected attendee at PWPT: a four-legged ball of golden brown fur and a wrinkled face. She was found wandering in a nearby parking lot, and brought to home base by a volunteer.

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Blogging Advice: Celebrate Those Who Make Your Company Special

We all have someone special in our organization. You know, she is the glue that holds the business together or the “mother hen” who makes everything alright day after day?  Highlighting this person with digital content not only reminds her why she is so beloved, it shows the world the human side of your business.

So, who is your company’s someone special? Get started on a blog. Here are some ideas:

Interview her about her job, ask how long she’s been there and why she loves it? Allow her to reflect on great and funny stories.  Be sure to include a photo.  Bonus points if you interview her on camera and share a video!
Interview everyone else in the company about her.   Ask the team to say why they think she is so unique.  This would also make a great video.  This one will also make her day.
Invite her to guest blog on a particular topic.

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