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Social Media Tips

Here are some of the tips and tricks we complied for our clients this month.  Enjoy!

In It to Pin It

pinterestPinterest can be a great source of ideas — not just for home decor and fashion, but for your business too!  See what other people in your industry are talking about, liking, and sharing, and join the conversation by doing the same.  Your never know what might inspire that next great idea for an upcoming presentation, meeting, or event.

The 80/10/10 Plan

Social media is just that — social!  People spend time on various platforms not only to share their news and content, but to see what other people are sharing.  It’s ok to use your Social profile to promote other people’s ideas — in fact, it’s ok to do that 80% of the time!  10% of your social media content should be original, and highlight your position or unique insight.  The remaining 10% of your content should be promotional or a call to action.

Sticking to these percentages helps your Social Media sites to engage others, put more emphasis on the content you do create, and move your audience to action, since they won’t see your newsfeed as a constant string of digital commercials.

The Blog:  Short and Sweet.
When someone asks for a blog entry, many people feel like they have just been assigned a collegiate dissertation.  It’s a BLOG not a BLONG — because it doesn’t have to BE LONG!  No one is going to grade you on the number of words or amount of hyperbole you use; say what you have to say, and let your readers get on to the next social media post.

Our favorite blog post recently was nothing more than a picture and a sentence. By posting a photo of smiling volunteers, this poster was able to: 1) publicize the event and cause,   2) celebrate the people who donated their time, and 3) inspire other people to come out and participate.  That’s publicity, promotion, and a call to action, all in just one quick pic!

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Infographics are a great way to get your message across quickly and succinctly; but what to do if you don’t have an artistic wiz on your team?

Sites like will help you create your very own infograms – from charts, to graphs, to 3D maps — for free.  Give it a go next time you want to get your point across in 50 words or less.