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5th Annual CES Executive Event

SPR traveled to the Consumer Electronics Show this year to support Clara Mayer and Brian Callahan at their annual Executive Event, hosted by Rose Snyder & Jacobs.  The room was on fire with an incredible mix of high-powered business leaders and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.  Truly an incredible gathering of old and new friends sharing ideas, making connections and sipping on cleverly-named cocktails — including Nerd Nectar, Drone Your Sorrows, and the Grapefruit Reboot (names courtesy of SPR, naturally!)

CES 2015 did not fail to deliver on exciting innovations and new technologies.

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Visiting College Track Boyle Heights with ANEW

Angela Moore, Enrique Legaspi, Rose Tourje

Touring the new space for College Track Boyle Heights at Roosevelt High School in L.A.  with co-director, Enrique Legaspi and Rose Tourje of ANEW.  ANEW donated beautiful repurposed furniture, while Bentley Prince Street donated approximately 300 yards of brand new carpet tile.

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