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5th Annual CES Executive Event

IMG_9430.2015-01-08_221644SPR traveled to the Consumer Electronics Show this year to support Clara Mayer and Brian Callahan at their annual Executive Event, hosted by Rose Snyder & Jacobs.  The room was on fire with an incredible mix of high-powered business leaders and entrepreneurs from a variety of industries.  Truly an incredible gathering of old and new friends sharing ideas, making connections and sipping on cleverly-named cocktails — including Nerd Nectar, Drone Your Sorrows, and the Grapefruit Reboot (names courtesy of SPR, naturally!)

RSJ CES Exec Event 2015


CES 2015 did not fail to deliver on exciting innovations and new technologies.  One of our favorite new connections — the fabulous Sara Plummer of GetHSH — was chatting with us from the comfort of her San Francisco apartment, courtesy of a BeamPro robot!