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14 Reasons for Marketers to Be Excited About 2014 (Part 1)

I am thrilled to be included as a contributor to this great blog post on featuring many reasons for us marketing dorks to be excited about the coming year.  (Thanks Brittany Berger and HARO!)

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It’s important to start anything new with optimism, right? The new year should be no exception. There’s a lot to make the marketing glass look half empty, encrypted keywords and algorithm updates, to name a few. But focusing on the negative is never the way to go.

So instead, we’re going to focus on what we’re excited for in the near future of marketing. Personally, I’m excited about a lot of things, like that people are realizing that just hopping on the social media and content marketing bandwagons won’t bring success. I think this year we’ll see a lot of companies abandon the “throw it and hope it sticks” approach in favor of a thought-out and well-planned strategy.

To get really revved up for 2014, I asked other marketers what they were excited about. The response was overwhelming! I’m glad to see so many of us approaching the year with a positive outlook and wanted to share some of their insights. Below are the thoughts of seven marketers, and we’ll be writing another post including more next week!

  • “What I’m most excited about in 2014 is the next frontier for marketing: real-time personalization of our websites. Over the past 10 years we’ve invented new techniques for driving traffic to our sites, but ways for converting traffic haven’t kept up. This is going to change in the new year, as businesses start thinking of real-time ways to surprise and delight customers and prospects with the right content at the right time in the channel where they interact the most: the web. Web personalization solutions have gotten an upgrade, so now marketers can reap the benefits.” – Karl Wirth, CEO and Co-founder of Evergage (Tweet this!)

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