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Why your Bad Yelp Review Could be Good for Business

To Yelp or not to Yelp.

That is a question we get all the time from frustrated clients.  I think we all can agree there is value to user reviews but we know all to well that Yelp is easily manipulated by users (and sometimes Yelp yelpthemselves, but that is a blog for another day.)

I use Yelp often to find service providers, restaurants, etc.  But I also know enough about the platform to question reviews that seem suspicious. Interestingly enough, the businesses that speak to me are the ones who get bad reviews and actually respond in their defense.  This is something I help clients with on a regular basis. It’s to your advantage to respond publicly to bad reviews (as well as good ones) because your future customers will see that you pay attention and that you are willing to solve problems for unhappy customers.

Today, however, while I was searching for a service provider in my neighborhood, I came across one of the best replies I’ve ever read. See below.

Yelp Business Owner Reply:

We haven’t had any issues with anyone named [User Name] or anyone in [User’s City].  I think this is a bogus post likely from a competitor.  Only one review and the account was just created.  Post here if I’m wrong.

I love this response because they are monitoring their business and are willing to speak up when they feel they are being bullied publicly.  I believe they are probably spot on in their accusation.  As you may have guessed, the user has yet to respond.

The moral of the story is this, do not be afraid to respond to negative reviews. I hope you will make it a point to respond to all your reviews, good and bad. Show your customers you care and are willing to make them happy.

When I see a response like this one, I can’t wait to do business with them.

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