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Cause Marketing: It’s Not About Your Company

Power Women Team Starfish
The Starfish PR team at Power Women, Power Tools hosted by Habitat LA

We have been working with nonprofits in Los Angeles for over a decade — so we’ve definitely learned how best to tie your business in to a charitable organization. For one thing, it’s not about YOU: it’s about those who benefit from your gifts.

Having been on both sides of cause marketing, we understand what the real story is. We’ve been pitching media, creating content and telling these stories through blogs and other mediums with great success for many years.

Here are some tips if you’re planning to partner with a charitable organization:

  • Ask your staff which causes are important to them. By polling your staff, you will gain great insight into what matters to them, possibly discovering some real philanthropists in your organization. You will want employee buy-in, so their input is vital.
  • How will you support a charity? Will it be through funding, volunteering, or something else? Whichever you choose, commit to it and make it part of your company culture. Do not do this haphazardly.
  • Remember it’s about those served by your charity of choice — NOT you. So many companies partner with charities for the wrong reasons. We have seen it dozens of times. Be authentic in your desire to help others and content to do so, with or without glory.
  • Respect the nonprofit’s limitations. This is a big one! Most nonprofits rely on volunteers to do most of their work and those with paid staff are stretched thin. Do not expect them to do all the work. They are grateful for your support and will do what they can to support you, but they have a great deal of work to do to continue their mission and your partnership announcement, for example, should not be added to their busy plate.
  • Brag all you want! Social media is a great way to support a good cause. Be sure to share photos, press releases, news pieces, and anything you can to help spread awareness for their mission.

VERY IMPORTANT: Whether it involves your company or not, you have chosen to support an organization because of what they are doing to help others. By sharing their mission and talking about it in various mediums, you will help bring awareness to their work and attract more support. Cause marketing will certainly help humanize your brand, however you should not be in it for the sole purpose of building your brand.

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