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Digital Content is the Future of P.R.

Time for ACTION!

For years I have been advising businesses to stop begging media to write about them and instead focus on a digital content strategy.  Please understand the media is an important piece of the P.R. puzzle, it’s just not the only one.   Today there are fewer opportunities for traditional media coverage and an infinite number of opportunities for you to talk directly to your customers.

In a digital world, that is increasingly more interactive and user driven every day, digital content is the best way to reach your customers.  Your website is critical and should be updated constantly, daily if possible.  Include a photo gallery, a blog and news section that is in your control (unless you can afford to employ an agency to do this for you.)  A combination of videos and photos that tell your story is a powerful way to attract new visitors to your website.  Create content that is useful for your customers and can be shared easily.   Be sure you have analytics for your site and are evaluating them on a regular basis.   Google Analytics is an excellent resource and free.

The two most important things to remember are 1) your customers will tell you what they want; and 2) your analytics will tell you how they want it.  Be sure you’re listening to both.

Do you currently have a digital content strategy?  What tips do you have for other businesses that may be dipping their toes into digital marketing?

This blog also appears on The Redondo Beach Patch.