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How Can an Electrician use Social Media to Grow Business?

A Facebook friend posted this status update recently: “Does anyone have an electrician in the DC area?” One of her friends posted Mike Booth and another seconded the motion so she posted “Mike Booth it is.”  I chimed in “a great day to be Mike Booth” but couldn’t help wondering if Electrician Mike even knew how many folks he’d reached that day?  And, if he knew, would he thank the two folks who recommended him publicly for all to see?  I certainly would.

This got me thinking about the power of social media, especially for small businesses, which rely heavily on word-of-mouth to grow. If I were Electrician Mike, I’d be monitoring my name, my company name and electricians in general, especially in the DC area.  Here are some basic ways Electrician Mike might also capitalize on this (and I suspect other similar conversations):

  • Offer specials to the Facebook friends who suggested him (Holidays? Lights? Are you with me?) and any others who refer friends on the network.
  • Start a Facebook page for his company and join in the conversations already being had.
  • Set up Google Alerts and check to monitor what’s being said and identify ways to grow business just by being attentive and responsive.
  • Once he has a presence and is active on the social web, he can expand into creating content like tips, video how-to’s and email newsletters.
  • Post photos of before and after projects.
  • Promote complimentary, non-competing tradespeople in his area.  Help support each other.

I hope he sees this post and the light bulb goes off (sorry couldn’t help it.)  I just think it’s cool that someone needed an electrician and asked her friends on Facebook and now some chick 3,000 miles away is blogging about him.  Imagine what he could do locally!

Do you have a small business? Are you using social media to market your business? Please share your tips or questions in the comments. And don’t forget to join us on Facebook!