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Yep, There’s a Community for That

In May, I received an email from someone I follow and whom I consider a colleague and my entrepreneur cheerleader.  His name is Mike Michalowicz and he is the author of “The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur” – that is how I first came to know him.  His email was asking me to be a part of something big with him; he was in essence assembling a team of freaks to help create buzz to launch his next book.  Freaks?  Buzz? Business Books? This was so me.

I read his first book years ago, loved it, and bought a copy for a friend of mine. I even had the privilege of speaking with Mike on the phone once after reaching out to him  for clarity on one of the book’s exercises.  Seriously, he got right back to me and scheduled a time to talk me through it!  He’s a good egg.

So I signed up to become a Buzz Warrior for his new book “The Pumpkin Plan”.  It seemed easy enough, tweet here, share there, snap a pic or two and share the love.  As a self-proclaimed marketing dork, I was excited about his well thought out plan to enlist us to help launch his book.  I thought about it for a while before responding, mostly because that stupid Lizard Brain (thank you Seth Godin) was reminding me of how I’d only let Mike and the BWs down.  Fortunately, I put on my big girl pants and hit send.

A couple weeks later my advance copy arrived and I dug right in.  Mike is a great writer and I totally respect his use of certain curse words to make a point.   I read “The Pumpkin Plan” over a weekend and am still working through the action steps, but it did give me great direction and it enlightened me about many of the mistakes I have been making in my journey to success.  I have been implementing many changes since I read it and sharing them with fellow entrepreneurs.

“The Pumpkin Plan” is a fun, easy read filled with smart, logical tips that will help anyone struggling or not.  I think the most impactful thing for me has been learning how to fire clients.  Yes, some clients can and should be fired.

All us Buzz Warriors have been sharing ideas and basically having a love fest on Facebook for several weeks now.  I have made a lot of new friends and it’s been fun to be a part of something so driven by passion.  Whatever hesitation I may have had about my bringing value to the team was quickly squashed (pun intended).  Every day the group exchanges great ideas, we lift each other up and celebrate our successes.  The BW community is awesome! I do apologize to my Facebook friends for the many posts.  The BW group is public, because it’s all about promotion and marketing…and communication!   If you liked my numerous BW posts on Facebook, you’ll love my twitter feed on Thursday, July 5th when The Pumpkin Plan launches!  For 24 hours I, along with all the BWs, will be tweeting about the book, doing our absolute best to keep them interesting in the hopes you’ll be motivated to read the book.  Some will be quotes, photos of the book in unusual settings, tips, questions, giveaways, and what ever else our dorky minds think up.  Love them or hate them, please chime in to the feed #ThePumpkinPlan.

I personally have 2 extra copies, so please follow me @LedgeDancer and if you think The Pumpkin Plan could help you grow your business, simply mention me in a tweet by July 15 and include #ThePumpkinPlan – I’ll throw your name in a hat to win one of my extra copies!

And, if you can’t wait that long or you’re just the most unlucky person on the planet, you can preorder a copy here.  Look for my Amazon review to be posted soon!

Without question, joining the Buzz Warriors has been the best part of this for me.  Thank you, Mike for bringing us all together and being such a wonderful motivator.

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