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3 Not-So-Easy Goals for 2013

Every year at this time I reflect on the goals I set the year before and begin to think about my goals for the coming year.  I know I am not alone; just about every blog you read this time of year is filled with 2013 projections and goal-setting advice, including making your goals attainable (or easy to achieve.)  How’s that working for you so far? For me, not so much.

Perhaps doing the opposite will actually prove successful this year.  I propose we set some goals that may not be so easy to achieve and some that won’t directly benefit us at all.   Here are 3 not-so-easy goals to consider for the coming year.

Tackle something you’ve been avoiding.  Is there something you’ve been avoiding or struggling with that you’d finally like to cross off your list?  Whether it’s opening a business, starting a blog, firing a client or losing 10 pounds, it’s time to make a plan and get it done.

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So Glad You Could Stop By

My name is Angela Moore and I have worked in marketing and PR (or some variation thereof) for my entire career. After 16 years in the music industry I took a huge leap of faith and started my own PR company.  After some minor bumps and bruises I am happy to say that 10 years later I am still here and as happy as ever.

What I love most about being a publicist is telling stories. I credit Starfish PR’s success to amazing clients who do remarkable work that is not only worth talking about, it’s worth repeating.  They make our job fun and I couldn’t ask for a better gig!

What’s next? I have a moderate fear of public speaking to overcome, so by all means BOOK ME at your next event!

If you share our enthusiasm for PR and storytelling, I hope you’ll visit our blog often and jump in with comments.

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