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How a Carpet Manufacturer was Featured on NBC’s The Biggest Loser

This is one of my most favorite stories to tell about why we advise our clients to blog and tell their story through digital content.

I was first introduced to Bentley Prince Street when they came on as a sponsor for the 2007 Jimmy Carter Work Project with my client, Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles.  They were a “green” carpet company donating carpet for the new homes we were building that week.  I admired them, so when they contacted me for their own PR needs a couple years later I jumped at the chance.

For three and half years we helped them tell their stories, and there were many.  As a carpet company they were well known in the industry, but Los Angeles needed to know more about how this local company was not only providing hundreds of jobs and giving back to the community, it was working hard to make the lives of their employees better and healthier!

We consistently promoted the fact that this company provided a 5,000 sq. ft.

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Basic Anatomy of a Blog Post

This past month our clients have been very interested in discussing ways to reach more customers in the coming year.  As a firm believer that a blog is the heartbeat of a company, this topic has come up repeatedly. So, I came up with a document to help them understand what goes into a blog post.  This is very basic and I am sure there are many among us who have much more to add, but hopefully this is helpful for anyone struggling to start a blog or keep a blog current.

Title – Catchy titles appeal to us as marketers, but keywords make the difference for getting found in search. Consider the topic and what the target reader would type into Google to find this helpful information.

Tell a Story – Include a beginning/middle/ending – did a customer have a problem that you solved? Explain how.  But please…

Be Concise – Shorter is better.

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