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Forty Families Benefit from Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles’ Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program

Donations Top Last Year and Donors include Wells Fargo, Mattel, and Individual Angels

Los Angeles, CA – December 18, 2013:  The Adopt-A-Family Holiday Program was developed by Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) to help provide support to families who recently moved into their new Habitat home or received home repair services due to a financial need. Despite the fact that they now have a home that is safe, sustainable, and affordable, they may still lack the resources for the “extras” and face challenges on a daily basis. More than 50% of the families Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles serves earn less than 50% of the County’s area median income. For a family of four, that equates to $41,000 annually.  This year’s participants consisted of forty partner families including 80 children, senior citizens, disabled, veteran and military families.

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