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9 Lessons Learned as an Entrepreneur

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This is my 10th year running my own company, and in the past decade I have certainly had plenty of opportunities to learn a lesson or two. I have failed plenty, and from failure comes enlightenment.

I have compiled nine of the most important lessons I’ve learned in hopes it will bring hope or comfort to other current and future entrepreneurs out there.

It’s OK to increase fees. Most of us are guilty of charging too little when we first take on a client, and then we feel guilty asking our clients to pay more for our services even after years or working well together. Get over this now.
You are an expert. If you make a living doing what you do, you’re an expert. Clients hire you to fill a critical role for their business based on your expertise. Embrace that role and do it better than anyone else.
It’s okay to disagree with a client; in fact, sometimes it’s critical.

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So Glad You Could Stop By

My name is Angela Moore and I have worked in marketing and PR (or some variation thereof) for my entire career. After 16 years in the music industry I took a huge leap of faith and started my own PR company.  After some minor bumps and bruises I am happy to say that 10 years later I am still here and as happy as ever.

What I love most about being a publicist is telling stories. I credit Starfish PR’s success to amazing clients who do remarkable work that is not only worth talking about, it’s worth repeating.  They make our job fun and I couldn’t ask for a better gig!

What’s next? I have a moderate fear of public speaking to overcome, so by all means BOOK ME at your next event!

If you share our enthusiasm for PR and storytelling, I hope you’ll visit our blog often and jump in with comments.

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