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Blogging Advice: Celebrate Those Who Make Your Company Special

We all have someone special in our organization. You know, she is the glue that holds the business together or the “mother hen” who makes everything alright day after day?  Highlighting this person with digital content not only reminds her why she is so beloved, it shows the world the human side of your business.

So, who is your company’s someone special? Get started on a blog. Here are some ideas:

Interview her about her job, ask how long she’s been there and why she loves it? Allow her to reflect on great and funny stories.  Be sure to include a photo.  Bonus points if you interview her on camera and share a video!
Interview everyone else in the company about her.   Ask the team to say why they think she is so unique.  This would also make a great video.  This one will also make her day.
Invite her to guest blog on a particular topic.

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