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3 Great Marketing Resources – From Free to Almost Free!

In our opinion, Marketing and PR is more fun today than ever before, yet it’s moving quickly and requires tracking and analysis.  In an effort to provide helpful tips and resources, we want to tell you about three resources we cannot live without out. We encourage you to give them a try.  If you do not at least use the first one NOW, you’re truly missing out on valuable information.

Google Alerts.  This free tool is essential to staying on top of your brand and industry. Set up Alerts easily to track what people are saying about you, your company and your competitors.  You can choose to receive updates in real time, once a day or once per week (we recommend once a day).  Be sure to set up Alerts for upcoming events you may be attending or hosting.  This tool is free so don’t hesitate.

This image was created in Canva for FREE in about 10 minutes.

Canva.  I cannot praise this site enough. Canva makes graphic design simple.

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Grow Your Business Workout: 30 Minutes a Day, 3 Days a Week

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you’re not only the brains behind the operation, you’re also the brawn. Try this easy workout routine to flex your small-business muscles.

Monday (30 Minutes)

Do some market research. Search Google for your business name, professional name, industry and local news. Make a list of 10 things you can respond to, add your expertise to, dispute or promote to your customers. Repeat on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest if you’re so inclined. The more aware you are of how your customers behave online, the better your ability to reach them.

Tip: Use Google Alerts to monitor this on a regular basis.

Wednesday: (30 Minutes)

Share your expertise. Take steps to respond and react to the 10 findings from Monday. Don’t forget to tap into the power of photos and videos as you go through your list.

Tip: Always have a camera nearby—even if it’s your phone.

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How Can an Electrician use Social Media to Grow Business?

A Facebook friend posted this status update recently: “Does anyone have an electrician in the DC area?” One of her friends posted Mike Booth and another seconded the motion so she posted “Mike Booth it is.”  I chimed in “a great day to be Mike Booth” but couldn’t help wondering if Electrician Mike even knew how many folks he’d reached that day?  And, if he knew, would he thank the two folks who recommended him publicly for all to see?  I certainly would.

This got me thinking about the power of social media, especially for small businesses, which rely heavily on word-of-mouth to grow. If I were Electrician Mike, I’d be monitoring my name, my company name and electricians in general, especially in the DC area.

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