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A Little Gratitude for the Day Ahead

Today is Thursday.  #TBT to those of us with any connection to a screen. I am sitting on the patio, enjoying my coffee and reading insightful posts being shared on my #PR Twitter feed.

I began thinking about how much PR has changed.  When I first started my career I was on the media side and would field calls from publicists asking if their piece had or would run in our magazine. It was annoying and I swore I’d never want their job.  Fast forward 20+ years and I absolutely LOVE my PR job.  It has changed so much thanks to technology and the internet of course.  We truly do get to tell stories.  And better still, we get to tell those stories to EVERYONE.  We can help our clients reach their target audience directly AND we get to work with media to provide them with interesting stories that they can tell.

I am inspired every day by my clients, my team and my colleagues who share their knowledge on social media.  I wish everyone an inspired day today.

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14 Reasons for Marketers to Be Excited About 2014 (Part 1)

I am thrilled to be included as a contributor to this great blog post on featuring many reasons for us marketing dorks to be excited about the coming year.  (Thanks Brittany Berger and HARO!)

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It’s important to start anything new with optimism, right? The new year should be no exception. There’s a lot to make the marketing glass look half empty, encrypted keywords and algorithm updates, to name a few. But focusing on the negative is never the way to go.

So instead, we’re going to focus on what we’re excited for in the near future of marketing. Personally, I’m excited about a lot of things, like that people are realizing that just hopping on the social media and content marketing bandwagons won’t bring success. I think this year we’ll see a lot of companies abandon the “throw it and hope it sticks” approach in favor of a thought-out and well-planned strategy.

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PSAs + Celebrity Endorsements = Great Video Content

We work with a lot of non-profits and so we understand how helpful a PSA is for your organization and how much more powerful it is with a celebrity attached to it.  Therefore, you should always be ready to film.  We carry our Kodak Play Touch with us all the time in case an opportunity arises.  If nothing else, a smart phone will always work in a pinch!  Earlier this month, we were on site with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles for their National Women Build event in Long Beach and Holly Robinson Peete was the spokesperson. So, as we were interviewing her for a long form video about the event, we seized the opportunity to capture a short video with her talking about why she supports Habitat for Humanity.  A little bit of editing later and voila, a PSA!

And P.S. Holly is awesome – we had some fun on Vine that day – you can watch it here.

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