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Celebrate your Social Media Independence!

It has become easier and easier to stay in touch with clients, colleagues and customers. Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, Google+ shares, and numerous other channels enable us to share our thoughts as fast as we can think them. We are constantly staring at a screen, fingers flying in a mad dash to update the world.

The most effective social media messages, though, do more than just remind your readers you exist: they engage the audience. It’s not enough to just have views, you want people to think about, comment on, and share your content.

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One way to generate interesting content is to do interesting things. As our country celebrates its independence, I encourage you to free yourself from your computer, tablet, and phone and go out and DO something! Find something that inspires you, interests you, or try something new – whether personally or professionally.

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Social Media Tips


We are always coming up with social media tips and tricks for our clients, so we wanted to share some here on our blog. These are just a few suggestions to help build your following and engage your audience.

Initiate connections. Add your social media handles to your email signature and business cards. By making it present in your communications, you will give others the opportunity to connect with you and network further.

Tap into Trending Topics. Check out what’s trending on Twitter throughout the day because there just may be an opportunity for you to join the conversation and bring awareness to the organization.

Update your Profile Often. Don’t shy away from updating your social media profiles. Add personality with topical thoughts, motivational quotes or give a shout out to your favorite sports team. People want to connect with people, so be sure your personality is as apparent as your professional resume.

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SHARE, Inc. Awards $20,000 Grant to The “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles

Funding will Help Support Dreamer Mentorship Programs

Los Angeles, CA – April 11, 2013: The “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles (IHADLA) is thrilled to announce that SHARE, Inc. has awarded the organization a $20,000 grant to support its Mentoring Programs. The mentoring program is a fundamental piece of IHADLA’s core programming, and provides a positive role model and one-on-one time that many of the Dreamers might not otherwise receive in their lives. SHARE, Inc. is a non-profit, philanthropic organization dedicated to improving the lives of some of L.A.’s neediest children and a long-time supporter of IHADLA. IHADLA Executive Director Katy Garretson and IHADLA mentor Alexandra Dupont, the grandniece of the Founder of the “I Have a Dream” Foundation Eugene Lang, accepted the check during SHARE’s Annual Funding Reception.

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Basic Anatomy of a Blog Post

This past month our clients have been very interested in discussing ways to reach more customers in the coming year.  As a firm believer that a blog is the heartbeat of a company, this topic has come up repeatedly. So, I came up with a document to help them understand what goes into a blog post.  This is very basic and I am sure there are many among us who have much more to add, but hopefully this is helpful for anyone struggling to start a blog or keep a blog current.

Title – Catchy titles appeal to us as marketers, but keywords make the difference for getting found in search. Consider the topic and what the target reader would type into Google to find this helpful information.

Tell a Story – Include a beginning/middle/ending – did a customer have a problem that you solved? Explain how.  But please…

Be Concise – Shorter is better.

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Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles Youth Volunteers Say “Si Se Puede” to Eliminating Substandard Housing

Local Youth will Kick Start Act! Speak! Build! Week with a Cesar Chavez Build Day Event on Saturday, March 31

Los Angeles, CA – March 30, 2012: Habitat for Humanity of Greater Los Angeles (HFH GLA) and local youth will be commemorating the life of farm labor activist, Cesar Chavez, with a build day event on Saturday, March 31. The event will take place on a build site at 3232 Euclid Ave. in Lynwood, CA. from 8:00 am to 3:30 pm. In addition to celebrating Chavez’s legacy of non-violent activism and justice for all, the day will also serve as the official launch of Habitat for Humanity’s annual Act! Speak! Build! Week (ASBW).

The student-initiated week of advocacy, taking place April 1-7, seeks to empower young people to educate themselves and their communities on affordable housing and move people to action. Students, ages 5-25, lead and initiate their own advocacy activities with the support of HFH GLA.

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