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A Little Gratitude for the Day Ahead

Today is Thursday.  #TBT to those of us with any connection to a screen. I am sitting on the patio, enjoying my coffee and reading insightful posts being shared on my #PR Twitter feed.

I began thinking about how much PR has changed.  When I first started my career I was on the media side and would field calls from publicists asking if their piece had or would run in our magazine. It was annoying and I swore I’d never want their job.  Fast forward 20+ years and I absolutely LOVE my PR job.  It has changed so much thanks to technology and the internet of course.  We truly do get to tell stories.  And better still, we get to tell those stories to EVERYONE.  We can help our clients reach their target audience directly AND we get to work with media to provide them with interesting stories that they can tell.

I am inspired every day by my clients, my team and my colleagues who share their knowledge on social media.  I wish everyone an inspired day today.

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Listen, Connect, Share – The New PR Strategy

Depending on your storytelling skills and willingness to be creative, it’s likely that you do not need a press release. In the olden days, the press release was used to distribute company news to the media. Companies paid to have a professional press release written and distributed to news media. Thankfully, the days of “begging” media to write about your company are long gone.

In a digital, hyper-connected world, we now all have the power to tell our company’s story ourselves, directly to our target audience. If you have a website, blog or social media page, you can post your news, in your own words, as often as you like.

It’s a wonderful thing to have that power; you’ll never be misquoted again. And, the best part about digital storytelling is that, when done well, the media will take notice.

Here are 4 ways to get your publicity machine revved up right now:


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